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Tibidiscis Service

Tibidiscis lets you learn languages using texts that you have chosen and added yourself. The service generates automatically fill-in-the-blanks exercises from the text given, gives feedback, and saves the learning results for monitoring progress. At the moment, you can learn English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Finnish.

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Using the Tibidiscis service, the learners can tailor their language learning efforts to support their professional needs or pastime interests. Learning becomes more entertaining and motivating, which also makes the learner spend more time with it. Additionally, the learning focus is in the expressions that the learner needs and can immediately start using.

The learners save time, because they can combine reading and language learning. If they follow regularly foreign newspapers, they can upload news articles that they would read anyway and read them in the form of exercises generated by the Tibidiscis service.

Languages are best learned in context. The meaning and form of a word is defined by the other words in its neighborhood. It is easy to add examples of similar (but not identical) language usage situations to the Tibidiscis service. For instance, the learner could add all the emails received where a native speaker proposes a meeting, in order to learn different ways to express time and other details in such emails.

The service supports continuous learning. It is easy to learn regularly, even if there is only a few minutes time in a day. There is no need for preparations, the learner just visits the page and starts learning.

It is often hard to see that one has learned something, because there are so many words and expressions to learn in a language. The Tibidiscis service visualizes the learning progress in several ways. For instance, it is easy to see which material has already been learned, as well as which word uses still seems to be problematic.