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We have made a major update to Tibidiscis!


We have made a major update to Tibidiscis! The text analysis framework has been extended such that a larger variety of hints can be provided for missing words. A hint can be, for instance, the base form of the word, or some part of the word. In some cases, there is no hint shown.

If there is no hint in a gap, the missing word may be very frequent or no useful hint can be found. The word can also be so ambiguous that we cannot reliably provide a base form. An empty hint can also be one option among others: sometimes, a base form or part of the word is given as a hint, sometimes, no hint at all.

These kinds of alternating hints, as well as reshuffling of gaps each time an exercise is shown, keeps the exercises new and fresh. Even after many, many, many repeats!

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